Annalisa Lux reclining chair

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New relax reclining chair with sleeping position and adjustable height.

Annalisa lux reclining chair available at Tino Mariani was designed to perfectly mix complete functionality and a level of comfort never seen before in any quality relax systems offered by the company in Lissone. This product is ideal for the elderly.

Annalisa Lux reclining chair is equipped with two motors + lift + roller system and cover system. The innovative mechanism 100% made in Italy, enables extending the armchair at 180°, turning it into a veritable bed, which is also called long system plus

The lift system enables lifting the seat first, in vertical plane, by about 10 cm, useful to adjust seat height and approach the armchair to a table, if needed.

Frame: metal or wood
Padding: expanded polyurethane
Upholstery: non removable in fabric, leather, anti-stain microfiber, eco-leather
Armchair cover: standard
Sizes: cm 78x74 h 105