All the leather we use to upholster our sofas and armchairs comes form European calves. This means they have lived and bred in an optimal ecosystem and have grazed in fields fenced with low-voltage wires and not with barbed-wire (which often causes cuts and abrasions that lower the value of the leather).

Before tanning, the skin is "split", i.e. it is cut horizontally into two layers. The best layer, where the fur used to be, is called "grain", whereas the other, of a much lower quality, is called "split grain". Depending on its quality, the grain layer can be processed further, but the best skins do not undergo further processing and they are handed to us with an intact structure - these are called "full grain".

After tanning, the skins are dyed by soaking them in drums that contain a water and aniline solution. The dye penetrates the fibres of the skin so that it becomes of the desired colour but leaves the grain perfectly transparent and with a more natural look. This also means that the small marks that characterise the skin of each animal (scars, wrinkles, insect bites etc.) remain visible, a testimony to how natural the product is.

There is a wide range of leather available in a variety of qualities, softness, thickness and finishes.



An ever-evolving collection that always follows the latest trends. A wide range of fabric, all of which is of the highest quality.

An extensive collection of fabric to match an extensive collection of sofas and armchairs, so that the final choice can combine the fabric with the model chosen - in other words, there is the perfect fabric for each type of sofa

Plain fabric: all kinds of weaves and finishes available - cotton, linen, jute, moire.
Printed fabric: cotton, linen... also big widths on which classic and modern patterns are colour printed - 140 cm, 280cm. or 330cm.
Jacquard: different weaves and warps to obtain damask, brocade, lampas, matelassé, piqué, non-shuttle.
Microfibre: canvas and non-canvas, available in 80 colours, anti-stain and waterproof.
Velvet: soft high pile or epinglé velvet available in cotton, linen, polyester and dralon.

Tino Mariani is an authorised distributor of Alcantara - an original made in Italy brand of fireproof leather and faux leather for marine use, breathable, non-toxic, antibacterial and anti-mite.