Tino Mariani salotti
Via Ferrucci 56/58, 20851 LISSONE ( Monza e Brianza ) Tel: 039 481507.


Monday to Saturday 9-12 am | 2-7pm

Sunday afternoon 2.30-6.30 pm



Tino Mariani sofas and armchairs. Four showrooms, 500 square metres of leather and fabric sofas, sofa beds, reclining chairs and modular sofas.

The complete collection is available at Tino Mariani's headquarters in Lissone (Monza e Brianza) - a city famous for being the main Furniture producer in Italy.
It can be easily reached from Milan, Lecco and Como, Bergamo and Varese. Part of the collection is available online at www.tinomariani.it and any updates, information and special promotions are posted on our blog.