How often must a sofa be cleaned?

Vacuum weekly to remove dust. A chamois cloth soaked in water and white vinegar can be used to brighten up the colours of velvet and microfibre sofas.

What about stains?

Use kitchen paper to absorb the liquid immediately before it seeps into the sofa, also placing a cloth under the stain.

Stains must be removed following the instructions for each fabric. Try cleaning a part of the reverse side of the fabric first.

Softness is not affected by the quantity of filling but rather by the density of the foam, which can vary according to the model.

If the sofa is washed at home, follow the instructions in the manual provided upon delivery. The detergent used must not contain bleaching or oxidant agents, as it might cause colours to fade.

Is you cat sharpening its claws on the sofa?

Don't worry, just sprinkle ground pepper around the area, as cats don't like the smell.


The model - we advise you to think carefully about the best solution for you and your needs as regards the size, lay-out and function.

The right light sources can enhance and even improve the look of a room, its furniture and proportions.

Even though small, the legs, and especially the material which they are made of, contribute to the final look of a sofa.

Colours do affect our mood: sometimes repainting a room or adding light sources is enough to transform our house and put us in a more positive mood.

The type and tone of fabric chosen to cover a sofa are sometimes even more important than the design. Do evaluate these details thoroughly.

When thinking about the position of the sofa and other furnishings in a room, we try to follow a design we like but which is also able to balance shapes and colours.

Make sure to decide on its function before buying a sofa. The "role" of the sofa also makes it easier to choose a size, which must also adapt to the size of the room.