Everything in the right place

Details are a source of inspiration for the new collection of sofas and armchairs - they are the perfect elements that add character to each piece.

Attention to detail is therefore important when making a high-quality product that is both nice to look at and well-made.

Tino Mariani sofas are characterised by their finish and detail - that's what makes the difference.

Wooden legs available in various shapes, material and colours, but also metal ones for a modern feel, and elegant stitching to exalt the shape and contour of the sofa - the perfect companion to relax on as well as the protagonist of a home.

Just like a real journey filled with emotions and feelings, our house furniture is with us day after day, rewarding us with special and intense moments. It adapts to our taste and mood - expressing itself through unique colours and shapes.

You are free to chose whatever finish you prefer and you can also opt for a bespoke and made to measure version - a unique sofa made especially for you.